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The Airbus A350-900

Posted on October 24, 2021
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Airbus A350-9000

airbus a350

The Airbus A350 is widebody aircraft manufactured by Airbus. The A350 has two variants, A350-900 and A350-1000, and they are very great with the "Zorro" masks.

Let's get nerdy now:

Airbus A350-9000 Specs

airbus a350

A350-900 can carry upto a maximum of 440 passengers!. In a standard 3-class configurations, the aircraft can carry between 300 - 350 passengers.

It has a range of 15,000 KM (8,100 nm).

It's cruising speed is upto 903 Km/h and can reach top speeds of upto 945 Km/h.

The aircraft is powered by powerful RR Trent XWB Engines. Fuselage is made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) that helps in low fuel burn, easy maintenance and a low corrosion rate.

It's wings designs allow for maximum aerodynamic efficiency in different stages of flight.

A350-900 has a Maximum take-off weight(MTOW) of 280.00 tonnes, a maximum landing weight of 207.00 tonnes and a maximum fuel capacity of 141, 000 liters.

A350-900 Dimensions:

airbus a350

Length: 66.80m

Wingspan: 64.75m

airbus a350

Height: 17.05m

airbus a350

Fuselage Width: 5.96m

A350-900ULR (Ultra Long Range)

The -900ULR is a modification of the -900 to enable it cover more distance. The A350-900ULR has no modifications or additional fuel tanks compared to A350-900, it's fitted with an advance fuel adaptation in consumption.

The variant has a range of 17,900KM (9700nm), and can fly for 20 hours non-stop.

One of the airlines operating this type is Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines


The A350-900 had it's flight in June 2013 and started it's first commercial flight in January 2015 by Qatar.

Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airlines

Some of Airlines operating the aircraft are:

  • Qatar
  • Air France
  • Singapore Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Ethiopian
  • United Airlines

Singapore Airlines


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